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SprutCAM Highlights at EMO 2011, Hannover. A success story continues.

We are pleased to announce that SprutCAM was successfully presented at the leading international trade fair for the machine tool industry. EMO is the worlds foremost trade fair for metalworking machinery and equipment, featuring big-name exhibitors from around the globe.

Hannover, Germany
19 September 2011 —
24 September 2011


2011 marks the tenth time that EMO Hannover has opened its gates since the inaugural show in 1975.

For six days, more than 150,000 professionals and 2,000 exhibitors from 41 nations presented their world debuts.

EMO, Hannover MESSE, Hannover Conference Centre where the meeting SprutCAM distributors


With exhibitors from 41 nations and visitors from all around the globe, this years EMO Hannover is shaping up be a major international showcase.


SPRUT Technology company is SprutCAM developer in cooperation with German partner Reitz Datentechnik GmbH & Co KG presented at the EMO in Hannover the latest version of CAM software SprutCAM.

Mr. Andreas REITZ (Datentechnick — SprutCAM dustributor), Mr. Yavuz Murteza Oglu (ModuleWorks — SprutCAM partner), Mr. Yuriy Vishnevsky (SPRUT Technology — SprutCAM developer)


The version 7.1.6 includes new functions for the programming of machining parts on lathes and milling centers such as Index, Daewoo, Mazak, DMG, Nakamura , Okuma, or Traub. SprutCAM is firmly focused on the stock tracking. The result of processing is also visible immediately after creation of the tool path. Even without a simulation. In the simulation, the user sees the complete machine model, including all areas of collision.


One highlight, among other things, which is arbitrary with the new version of the synchronization of many axes. Thus it can be worked simultaneously with 2, 3, 4 revolvers. The synchronization can before and after, but also occur in the middle of an operation. In particular, the synchronization within an operation represents a unique feature of the software. Advantage of this method is that the idle time can be on a rotating milling machine dramatically reduced.

During the exhibition SprutCAM booth was visited by more than a hundred interested potential customers.

SprutCAM is of practical interest of usersFinally! The first visitors on Esprit booth :)


An agreement was signed with ModuleWorks.

Partnerships between WoduleWorks and SprutCAM (SPRUT Technology)


Was signed 3 contracts for the supply of SprutCAM with new end users in Germany.

The first visitors to the SprutCAM boothThis high level in Germany achieved by the efforts of partner Datentechnik Reitz CAD/CAM system companyTouch screen with SprutCAM information waiting for visitors in the first minutes of the exhibition


Cooperation started with 4 potential SprutCAM resellers.

New potential customers are finding more arguments to SprutCAM using


More than 50 companies of manufacturers of machine tools from China, Japan, India, Taiwan, South Korea and Germany have shown interest to SprutCAM. In the first place provide SprutCAM for users as an integrated solution with their machines.


Future specialists: students of metalworking, mechanical engineering and other areas highly appreciated easy-learning and usability of SprutCAM:


The grand event SprutCAM DISTRIBUTORS CONFERENCE was organized in the exhibition

The event brought together the major European distributors. Also present was our partner Interface company from Japan.

Welcome to conference of the SprutCAM distributors


SprutCAM has a 10th successive year of 20% or more growth of sold licenses.

The positive dynamics of sales of licenses SprutCAM worldwide


At the conference, SPRUT Technology company is SprutCAM developer presented new features and prospects.


Were presented the Special certificates and Awards to Distributors.

Certificate confirming official authorized distributor right awarded:

Mr. Jiri Brozek, SoliCAD, Czech Rebublic:

Jiri Brozek, SoliCAD 


Mr. Allan Steen Andersen, JL Systems, Denmark:

Allan Steen Andersen, JL Systems 


Mr. Philippe Sorro, FormaPRO, France:

Philippe Sorro, FormaPRO 


Mr. Takayoshi Oikawa, Interface Co. Ltd., Japan:

Takayoshi Oikawa, Interface Co. Ltd. 


Awarded also:

  • Mrs. Raffaella Massaroli, RobotAle srl, Italy; 
  • Mr. Jan Laustsen, JL Labs AB, Sweden; 
  • Mr. Pietro Meloni, ShareMind, Italy; 
  • Mr. Frantisek Farkas, Kolibry Design, Hungary.

Special awarding companies:

  • Mr. Aurelio Vinciguerra and Mr. Livio Petitti, SINTESI, Italy.
    SINTESI company is awarded with «SprutCAM Service Award for 15 years of Distribution and Service»:

Aurelio Vinciguerra и Livio Petitti, SINTESI

  • Mr. Dave Pearson, Sprut Technology UK, United Kingdom.
    The company awarded «SprutCAM Service Award for 10 years of Distribution and Service» in appreciation of continued excellence and outstanding performance. 
    Sprut Technology UK company is making an invaluable contribution for the support and development SprutCAM worldwide. 
  • Mr. Greg Jackson, Tormach LLC, USA.
    The company awarded the honorary title of «Top SprutCAM OEM Sales Partner of the Year».
  • Mr. Andreas Reitz, Datentechnik Reitz GmbH & Co.KG, Germany.
    This company awarded the honorary title of «Top SprutCAM European Sales Partner of the Year»:

Andreas Reitz, Datentechnik Reitz GmbH & Co.KG


See you!





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