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The long awaited SprutCAM 8 has just been released

The long awaited SprutCAM 8 has just been released.
The trial version is available for download.

Congratulations. The creation of G-codes for any type of CNC machine has become much more productive.

SprutCAM has thousands of happy customers throughout the world who are supported by our offices located in more than 45 countries.

Among SprutCAM users there are such companies as BMW, Samsung, Hitachi, HP, Intel, NASA, TPCA, Philips and many other businesses ranging from a big corporation to a workshop.

With the release of this new version, SprutCAM reaches a new level of performance. 

This has to do with a more efficient use of hardware and a significant increase in functionality. New types of machining are supported including robots, multi-axis, turn-milling machines.

Main new features in SprutCAM 8:

  • 64 bit platform supported;
  • New MTM features (including B-axis);
  • Multichannel synchronization for MTM;
  • Robots programming (Tool to Part, Part to Tool);
  • Upgraded collisions detection control;
  • New features for wire EDM contouring;
  • Updated and improved user interface;
  • Virtual machine creation with  MachineMaker subsystem.

Besides, in this version, we have tried to satisfy the wishes and recommendations of users of previous versions.

The full featured 30 day trial version of SprutCAM 8 is available for download here.

To get more details about the new version of SprutCAM 8 please contact your reseller or email us at:

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