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SprutCAM in DUT Racing Team


At the Formula Student Team Delft, we have the pleasure of using SprutCAM as our new CAM software for the production of the DUT14. As a Formula Student team, we compete against hundreds of similar teams across the world, racing our self-designed cars in different competitions all over the globe. The design and cost-effectiveness of the cars are judged as well, as Formula Student is not only about racing.

Our team consists of about 80 engineering students from different faculties of the TU Delft, all focusing on one goal: building the fastest and lightest Formula Student car in the world! The team has been building electric cars since 2011, and the DUT14 will be just that: an electric, four-wheel-driven race car.

This year we have been using our own 3-axis CNC mill to produce complex parts in-house. One of the main goals as a member of our team is to gain as many skills possible, therefore two new CNC operators are selected each year.

The learning process was quite challenging as neither of both had any knowledge with CAM software or operating a CNC mill and deadlines were closing in fast; however, using SprutCAM as the base for this process was a lot of fun. Using the tutorials it was easy to program simple operations at first and gradually increase the difficulty towards 3-axis milling complex shapes. Our target was to mill all the foam cores used to laminate the carbon fibre wings of the DUT14, as well as some aluminium parts that were too simple to outsource but not simple enough to mill on a manual mill. After 5 weeks of producing over 1500 parts, of which around 20 were done on our CNC, the production of the DUT4 was finished.

The DUT14 ended up being the lightest electric Formula Student car of the season, with a mass of just 155 kilograms. It was incredibly fast too: an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in under 2.3 seconds and lateral accelerations of more than 3 G’s!

At the end of the season, the team had attended 3 competitions: Formula Student UK at Silverstone Circuit, Formula Student Germany at the Hockenheim Ring and Formula Student Austria at the Red Bull Ring, winning first prize in the UK, third in Germany and second in Austria.


We will be using SprutCAM for the DUT15 too, so stay tuned!

Sietse van Schouwenburg
Operations Manager
DUT Racing Team


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