Active workpiece holder selection <SELWORKPIECE>

Use the <SELWORKPIECE> command to specify active workpiece holder. The workpiece holder is a machine unit that is used to fix the workpiece. For the multi-spindle lathe machines this command specifies the active spindle. For the milling machines the workpiece holder can be the pallet for example. All machining commands will relate to the workpiece fixed in the active holder.





The <SELWORKPIECE> command's single parameter is the string identifier of the workpiece holder. This identifier is defined by the SprutCAM machine scheme. Parameter value is stored into the <CLDATA$> predefined variable. Following is an example of a program processing this command.


program SelWorkpiece

  if CLData$="MainSpindle" then

    Output "SETMS(1)" ! Activate the main spindle


    Output "SETMS(2)" ! Activate the counter spindle





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