Predefined subprogram <Filter>

All postprocessors include the predefined subprogram <Filter>, which can be found in the subprograms list. <Filter> is called immediately after the NC-program block was formed and before it is added to the NC-program text. Thus, this subprogram allows the user to edit every NC-program block at the moment of its output. For example, it is possible to replace symbols or add marks at the end or at the beginning of a line.

By default the system creates the following subprogram prototype for the <Filter>:


sub Filter(S: string)



The formed NC-block is passed through the <S> parameter. All changes to that string will be put into the NC-program text.




sub Filter(S: String)

  replace(S,"R1","L")    ! Replace "R1" with "L"

  replace(S,"R-1","R")   ! Replace "R-1" with "R"

  replace(S,"F0","FMAX") ! Replace "F0" with "FMAX"



Executing this code for the block "17 L Z-10 R0 F0" will result with the line of NC-program "17 L Z-10 R0 FMAX".




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