Hole machining cycles <CYCLE>

<CYCLE> command is used to pass standard drilling cycles G81-G89. Use <CYCLE> command to determine cycle type and process the cycle accordingly. Cycle type is specified by the first parameter, other parameters types and their number depends on the cycle type.



CYCLE ON(71) | OFF(72) | DRILL(163) | FACE(81) | DEEP(153) |

      BRKCHP(288) | TAP(168) | BORE5(209) | BORE6(210) | BORE7(211) |

      BORE8(212) | BORE9(213)




CLD array





Cycle type:

71(ON) – turn cycle on,

72(OFF) – turn cycle off,

163(DRILL) – G81 drilling cycle,

81(FACE) – G82 drilling cycle,

153(DEEP) – Deep drilling cycle,

288(BRKCHP) – Drilling with chip breaking,

168(TAP) – G84 Tapping cycle,

209(BORE5) – G85 drilling cycle ,

210(BORE6) – G86 drilling cycle,

211(BORE7) – G87 drilling cycle,

212(BORE8) – G88 drilling cycle,

213(BORE9) – G89 drilling cycle.


Usually SprutCAM generates drilling technology similiar to the following:



GOTO.abs X, Y, Z  ! Position the tool at the first hole.

CYCLE DRILL(163)  ! Perform the drilling calling cycle of appropriate type.

GOTO.abs X, Y, Z  ! Move the tool to the next hole.

CYCLE DRILL(163)  !  Perform the drilling calling cycle of appropriate type.


GOTO.abs X, Y, Z  ! Move the tool to the last hole.

CYCLE DRILL(163)  ! Perform drilling by calling cycle of appropriate type.

CYCLE OFF(72)     ! Turn cycle off.



The first drilling cycle command should form the NC-block containing a cycle definition (like G81) and cycle parameters.For example:


G81 X_Y_Z_R_F_


Following commands processing should form block containining only the changed registers. For example:







The <CYCLE OFF(72)> command should form the code of cancelling cycle. For example:




When developing ISO postprocessors using masks ISO.G operator can be used. The value of ISO.G is set automatically according to the following table:

CLD parameter value

ISO.G value

CLD[1] = 163

ISO.G = 81

CLD[1] = 81

ISO.G = 82

CLD[1] = 168

ISO.G = 84

CLD[1] = 209

ISO.G = 85

CLD[1] = 210

ISO.G = 86

CLD[1] = 211

ISO.G = 87

CLD[1] = 212

ISO.G = 88

CLD[1] = 213

ISO.G = 89

CLD[1] = 153

ISO.G = 83

CLD[1] = 288

ISO.G = 73

CLD[1] = 72

ISO.G = 80




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