Nested mask

Sometimes it is required to out the register value if the value of other register is changed. Then the nested mask is used. For example:


  • Mask:

Z[CLD.Z, G[43]]


  • NC code:

G43 Z0.123


The value of the register <Z> is changed and value 43 is assigned to the register <G>.


It is possible to use the modifiers, expressions, and other nested masks in the nested masks. The registers of the nested mask will be included in to the NC-program line in the order according to the registers list. For example:


  • Mask:

X[CLD.X] Y[CLD.Y] Z[CLD.Z, G[43]]


  • NC code:

G43 X6.141 Y-4.234 Z0.123


The changed register <G> is located in the start of line according to the registers list.




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