Operators of work with NC-subroutines

The NC-subroutine represents the sequence of technological commands issued in the form of a separate file of technological commands *.mcd, framed with special technological commands of the beginning of NC-subroutine <PPFUN STARTSUB(50)> and the end of NC-subroutine <PPFUN ENDSUB (51)>.




As is shown in drawing in the list of files of technological commands a files with NC-subroutines are marked with grey color, and change of a condition of a tick near to a file name becomes impossible.

Unlike usual files *.mcd, technological commands in which start to be processed automatically if the corresponding file is marked by a tick near to the name, technological commands in NC-subroutines will be processed only by a call of the special operators beginning with a keyword <NCSUB>, for example, in the course of processing of technological command <PPFUN CALLSUB(52)>.

Each NC-subroutine is identified by unique number which is defined in parameters of technological commands <PPFUN STARTSUB(50)>, <PPFUN ENDSUB(51)> and <PPFUN CALLSUB(52)> the number 2 is accessible in processing procedures through predetermined file <CLD>. Thus, in procedure of processing expression <CLD[2]> will return number of the corresponding NC-subroutine. Also the NC-subroutine can be characterized by a text name. Initial value of a text name is define in the technological command a <COMMENT> which place before technological command <PPFUN STARTSUB(50)>. In procedures of processing of technological commands the text name of the NC-subroutine can be read, and also is modified by the operator <NCSUB.NAME(n)>, where <n> – unique number of the NC-subroutine.

In the course of translation of technological commands in the operating program it can be demanded to identify text of the beginning and the end of the concrete NC-subroutine (to define markers or numbers of frame). For these purposes, are intended a operators of definition of initial and final markers of the subroutine <NCSUB.STARTLABEL(n)> and <NCSUB.ENDLABEL(n)>, where <n> – unique number of the NC-subroutine.




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Technique of work with NC-subroutines