Reinterpretations programs definition

It is not necessary define reinterpretation parameters for postprocessor work.

Reinterpretation parameters it is necessary define on the machining simulation from ready NC program. This function is executed with program NCTuner.

Reinterpretation definitions window is called by pressing the f_clip0435 button on main toolbar .

The list of assignments is down on groups and shown by the tree. Fill up of the greater number of assignments reconciles in more precise simulation process.




<Analyzer> automatically shapes assignments on the filled masks of technological commands.

There is a capability automatically to fill in a list of assignments pursuant to standard ISO (for example, a CNC system Fanuc 6M). It is made with the <ISO> button.

The <OK> button closes the window and saves all modifications. The <Cancel> button closes the window and discards all modifications.




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