Statement of direct output into the block <OUTPUT>

This operator outputs the content of a string variable by separate block of NC-program.



OUTPUT {<FileName$>}, S$



<S$> – the identifier of a string variable. The literal constant or string expression may be the parameter of this operator.

Use optional <FileName$> parameter to specify the file where the system outputs the NC-block. If the parameter is omitted then the NC-block is output into the current file. If "*" is specified as a file name then the NC-block would be output into the main file, also the current file will be changed. If <FileName$> specifies the name of a file then corresponding tab will be created and the current file would be changed accordingly.




! The output of the first symbol into NC-code

OutPut “%”

Name$ = “ John ”

F$ = “Lord”

! The output of string into NC-program

OutPut “Programmer ”+Name$+” “+F$

! The string ‹Programmer John Lord› will be written into NC-program


! Sample of usage the FormBlock and Output usage instead OutBlock


Output OutStr$

! Two these statements work as OutBlock




See also:

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