System settings

The window of system settings can be activated by pressing the f_clip0436 button on the main toolbar. The default paths for the system files and languages are defined here.




The postprocessor adjustment files for various NC-system (*.sppx files) are loaded from the <Postprocessor files> directory. New postprocessor tuning files will be saved in this directory.

The SprutCAM projects are loaded as default from the <SprutCAM project> directory. The technological commands files (*.mcd), which are linked with opened project will be loaded from the corresponding paths, described in the project file.

The separate technological commands files (*.mcd) are loaded, as default, from the <MCD-files> directory.

Generated NC-programs are saved, as default, in the <NC-programs> directory.

To change program language it is necessary use <Languages> panel.

These paths may be edited manually or using dialogs, which can be activated by pressing f_clip0449 button.

In a system, there is a preconceived variable, which one may be used for definition of the conforming folders:

At determining actual names of folders during operation the indicated variable will be substituted by the conforming full path now of activation of a system or now of the last editing the system settings.

For load last opened *.SPPX file at activation of the generator of postprocessors there is a check box <Load last opened file at startup>.




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