The output statement <PRINT>

This statement is designed to write the results on the display (in the debug window) during the trial NC-program generation. If the run-time postprocessor (<InpD.dll> or <SprutPP.exe>) generates the NC-program, it ignores this operator.



PRINT <Math expression> | <String expression> 

   {, <Math expression> | <String expression>} {, :}



The keyword of this statement is the <PRINT> word. The list, which contains one or more math or string expressions, follows the keyword. The number of expressions is not limited in this statement, if there are more than one expressions in the statement, the must be separated by commas.

The value of expressions will be consecutively evaluated and printed in the debug window.




PRINT “Runs the subprogram ABSMOVE”

PRINT CLD[1]-XT, “ increase by X”

PRINT AA, “ ”, CLD[1]




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