Machine axes parameters

SprutCAM system calculates toolpath for multi coordinate machining using kinematic scheme of the machine. Postprocessors generator provides all the necessary tools for creating and debugging postprocessor for multiaxis machines.

The trajectory, which calculates the system SprutCAM, and which is transmitted in postrotsessor, is a series of technological CLDATA commands. To control the movement of nodes on conventional machines have enough commands to move the linear coordinates X, Y and Z (<GOTO>) and rotating coordinates A, B or C (<ROTABL>). Manage the movement of nodes in more complex machines made using <MULTIGOTO> technological command.

A special feature of the <MULTIGOTO> command is the changable set of the machine coordinates, movement on wich it carries. <MULTIGOTO> can move linear coordinates - <MULTIGOTO X Y Z>, and the rotary axis - <MULTIGOTO A>, replacing thus the <GOTO> and <ROTABL> commands. Even more important feature of the <MULTIGOTO> command is able to manage the coordinates are specific to a particular machine - clamping jaw chuck, spindle brake, displacement lunette or tool magazine, etc. (<MULTIGOTO Lunet>, <MULTIGOTO Chuck>). Composition of the machine coordinates, which can manage the command, depends on the kinematic scheme of machine.




It is possible to process the <MULTIGOTO> command parameters using the universal <CLD> array or <Cmd> operator, although the more convenient way is to use the special <GMA> array.

Each of the elements in the <GMA> array always corresponds to the controlled coordinate of the kinematic scheme of the machine. List of possible elements of the <GMA> array  is defined in the postprocessor for each machine once. It is defined on the <Axes parameters> tab of the <Machine information> window. The number of axes and their properties can be imported from the SprutCAM system or provided manually.




The axes list in the left part of the window can be used to select an axis which parameters need to be modified. The following parameters of an axis can be modified:

  • <Linear/Rotatable> – defines the machine axis kind rotatable or linear movement.
  • <Absolute/Incremental> – defines the way the system treats coordinate values that it puts into the <GMA> array: absolute values or values relative to previous coordinate value.
  • <Discrete> – defines whether an axis is discrete and it's step value.
  • <Bounds> – defines whether an axis is bounded and it's minimum and maximum values.
  • <Reduce angle> – defines whether the angle values for rotatable axes provided by SprutCAM system (which are absolute values) are reduced to specified ranges.
  • <Register> – this parameter defines which register is associated with the given axis.


The purpose of the edit buttons

  • f_clip0454 <New axis> – adds a new axis to the list.
  • f_clip0455 <Remove axis> – removes selected axis from the list.
  • <Import> – import the list of axes from the SprutCAM system machine scheme. Clicking on this button will pop-up the axes import dialog:




On the left there is a list of machines. When one of the machines is selected the list-view on the right is filled with the list of axes of that machine. To import the list click the <OK> button, clicking the <Cancel> button will close the dialog window and cancel the import.




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