ED machining conditions specification command <PPFUN WEDMConditions(56)>

ED machining conditions specification command <PPFUN WEDMConditions(56)> is generated by EDM operations of SprutCAM system. This command is used to pass EDM operation's machinig conditions table to the postprocessor. Each row in the machining conditions table represents machining conditions of a single pass. So thereafter the number of rows in the table is equal ot the number of passes used. Each table row is passed by a separate <PPFUN WEDMConditions(56)> command. So the list of technology commands of every EDM operation is opened by the list of <WEDMConditions(56)> commands, the number of commands is equal to the number of rows in the EDM operations conditions table.




CLD array


Command SubCode



WEDMCONDITIONS(56) – a row of machining conditions table of an EDM operation

Pass ordinal number



Run's ordinal numbers are usually assigned sequentally starting with 1. However, ordinal numbers can start with number other than 1, depending on operation settings in SprutCAM

Pass condition code



Condition code specifies machining conditions for the given pass.  Condition code changing in the course of the program is done by FEDRAT command.

Offset Code



Offset code defines the corrector number which shoud be used to specify correction value for the given pass. Corrector number switching is done by CUTCOM command.

Correction value



Correction value for the given corrector number

Feed value



Wire feed value in mm per min (inches per min)

Additional parameters

CLD[100] –



List of additional parameters for each pass. The number of additional parameters is specific for each postprocessor.




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