String functions

The following string functions are implemented:

  • <CHR(x)> – returns the character for a specified ASCII value <x>.
  • <ORD(Str)> – returns the ordinal value of the first character of the string <Str>.
  • <LEN(Str)> – returns the length of the string <Str> (the number of characters in the string).
  • <POS(Pat, Str)> – returns the index of the first occurrence of the string <Pat> in the <Str> string. Returns 0 if the <Pat> string is not found in the <Str> string.
  • <NUM(Str)> – converts a string <Str> to a numeric representation; If the string is invalid, the functions returns 0.
  • <STR(n)> – converts number <n> into a string representation.
  • <COPY(Str, n, m)> – returns a substring of <Str> containing <m> characters and starting at index <n>.
  • <UPCASE(Str)> – returns a copy of the string <Str> in upper case.



  • <Str>, <Pat> – expressions that evaluate into a string value (variables, literal constants, functions or expressions);
  • <n>, <m> – numeric values.




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