SpaceClaim™ toolbar & import addin



The toolbar allows you to export geometric data from SpaceClaim™ to SprutCAM™.




The addin allows you to import project files SpaceClaim™.

Supported file extensions: SLDASM, ASM, SLDPRT, PRT, SLDDRW, DRW, X_B, X_T, STP, STEP.


Note:        The required application (SpaceClaim) must be installed on your computer for the correct work of this option.




Default exchange between SpaceClaim™ and SprutCAM™ is performed by Parasolid files (associativity is maintained). But this module is not included in the standard package of components for SpaceClaim™, therefore the possibility of manual shifting for exchange file was realized. In this case, the associativity would be lost, but export function stays available.


Expansion change instructions:

  1. Go to the folder where the addin files (depends on the version, the path can vary, e.g.: "C:\ProgramData\Sprut Technology\SprutCAM\Version 11\Addins\SpaceClaim");
  2. Copy SpaceClaimTranslator.xml file and rename the copy as SpaceClaimTranslator_UserConfig.xml;
  3. Move this file to the directory above (for example: "C:\ProgramData\Sprut Technology\SprutCAM\Version 11\Addins\SpaceClaimTranslator_UserConfig.xml");
  4. Open SpaceClaimTranslator_UserConfig.xml file and change the extension at line <OutputExtension>:
          1. X_T - for Parasolid (only it maintains associativity);
          2. STP - for STEP;
          3. IGS - for IGES.
  5. Save changes and Reinstall the toolbar in Addin Manager.


Note:        Deleting or renaming of SpaceClaimTranslator_UserConfig.xml file would lead to the default settings.


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