Configure utilities window

Utilities setup window allows you to customize Utilities tab of main panel. You can drag or hide standard utilities if you do not use them (AddInManager, Reports maker, SprutIDE, Calculator, Postprocessors generator etc.) and add external utilities instead that you want.




You can add as utility

  • any external executable file (*.exe, *.bat);
  • Sprut-script file (*.spr, *.s);
  • windows *.dll file which realizes simple plug-in of SprutCAM interface which is below. The GUID of plug-in must be defined in Parameters of exe-file edit box.


  IST_CAMPluginsEnumerator = interface(IUnknown)


    function MoveNext: WordBool; safecall;

    function GetCurrent: TGUID; safecall;



  IST_CAMPlugin = interface(IUnknown)


    function Get_PluginID: TGUID; safecall;

    function Get_PluginCaption: WideString; safecall;

    function Get_PluginDescription: WideString; safecall;

    property PluginID: TGUID read Get_PluginID;

    property PluginCaption: WideString read Get_PluginCaption;

    property PluginDescription: WideString read Get_PluginDescription;



  IST_UtilitiesButtonCAMPlugin = interface(IST_CAMPlugin)


    procedure OnButtonClick(const SenderApplication: IUnknown); safecall;



The plug-in dll should export two main finctions:


    function GetPluginsEnumeratorOfType(PluginInterfaceID: TGUID): IST_CAMPluginsEnumerator; safecall;

    function CreateInstanceOfPlugin(PluginID: TGUID): IST_CAMPlugin; safecall;




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