G-code based simulation

G-code based simulation allows to consider features of the implementation of the post processor in the simulation processing.

In this mode, the system automatically generates NC code for the operation in the calculation for each operation.

Controlling simulation is performed as Controlling simulation process by CL Data.

G-code based simulation function activation.

Activating of the function is carried out by pressing RecoveryCLData-Selector button on the  <Simulation> tab.

Note: The button is getting available under the following conditions:

Note: Currently the experimental versions of CNC intepreter is available to use for: Fanuc 30i CNC multifunction machine, Sinumerik 840D (millling), Haas vertical machine center (VF series), Heidenhain iTNC 530, Mach3

NC simulation features.

If the mode is enabled, then after the calculation of the toolpath SprutCAM  automatically generates a control program for CNC machine with pre-selected post processor settings file, perform the conversion of the G-code program text into the toolpath. The generated path will take into account the peculiarities of the implementation of the postprocessor.

On the tab <Simulation> text of the NC code for the selected operation will be displayed.


Button RecoveryCLData-NextError and RecoveryCLData-PrevError  move the selection to the next and previous error marked node.


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