Sewing faces

The <Sew faces> window can be opened either by pressing the f_clip0676 button on the <Model> panel, or by using the pop up menu in the graphic window or on the geometrical structure window. This function assigned for sewing surfaces on 3D model together. At that in geometry model added edges and vertices of selected objects.




As result of sewing in geometry model becomes available special parametric objects – edges and vertices. Edges is special curves, that forms borders of surfaces and meshes. Vertices is points, that comes out from limits of edges.

Parametric objects has some peculiar properties. They keeps permanent connection with source object. When this surfaces is modified, that edges and vertices will be reconstructed too. In consequence there is some limitations on actions with them. Its cannot be copied, deleted, transformed, etc. Therefore this objects is not listed in available objects. However this objects can be selected in graphic window. So, edges, series of edges and vertices can be used in <Machining> mode as <Job assignment>, <Part>, <Workpiece>, <Fixtures> in all cases, when allowed addition of edges and vertices.

In <Sew tolerance> field assigned maximal value of deviation between edges and vertices of nearest surfaces. When tolerance is 0 this value taken automatically with account to overall dimensions of sewing objects.

The <Result> panel shows count of closed and opened shells and its total count.

If results is correct, then the window should be closed using the <Ok> button. To cancel sewing, press the <Cancel> button.




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