Mill-turn Machining

Algorithm of preparing NC program for lathe-milling prosessing center is similar for other types machines, but it has some features. This features will be described in current part.

  1. First of all, a machine is choosing, on which  a treatment will be processing. SprutCAM can program several types of lathe-milling prosessing center which has a fundamental differences in structure.
  2. If a machine is supply with a machining turret for it a setup tooling is forming.
  3. After this describe a processing part, workpiece and fixtures  and its fixing mode.
  4. Next  the point of tool interchange is determined.
  5. After that different operations may be created, both turning and milling  so long as the billet will be manufactured. For getting an objective view in simulation mode, while setting a cutting tool it is necessary to set holder  and overhang.
  6. Some turning machines do not support standard cycle of processing holes during work with the driving tool. In this case it is necessary to use Hole machining operation  with the expanded style of toolpath. This operation may generate standard cycles in expanded state.
  7. If machine had not equipment with Y axis, a polar interpolation may be used for  face plane milling.
  8. For milling on cylinder surface by radial tools a cylinder interpolation may be used.
  9. If detail has repeating elements, this way advisability to use that possibilities of the system as multiplication around an axis.
  10. After calculation of every operation a  trajectory is checking for a correctness in simulation mode.
  11. Before finally generation of NC program  it is necessarily  to check operations parameters in summary table.
    1. Check an accuracy in setting numbers of tools. System doesn't controll if in different operations  various tools set on the same numbers.
    2. Necessarily to check turning tools point in all operations. With wrong turning point simulation works correctly, but NC-programm is generate with  serious slip which can  bring to tool fracture or even machine breakage.
    3. Switch to control condition of cutting mode, check direction of spindle rotation, heat-removing and correctness of feeding values.
    4. After any changings of settings and  recalculating make sure in absence of exclamation marks.
  12. Generate a NC-program.



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