SolidEdge(TM) Toolbar

Toolbar to launch SprutCAM(TM) from SolidEdge(TM) with current project. This addin showed as button with SprutCAM icon.


You can use <Addin for import SolidEdge(TM) project files ...> for import SolidEdge(TM) project files.

File extensions ASM, DFT, PAR, PSM, MDS, PWD, DGN, DXF, DWG, PRT, SAT, STP, STEP, X_B, XMT_BIN, X_T, XMT_TXT are supported.


Note:        SolidEdge(TM) must be restarted after this addin is install.

Note:        You must have SolidEdge(TM) installed on your computer before setup this addin and use import.







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