SolidWorks(TM) Toolbar & import addin

Toolbar to launch SprutCAM(TM) from SolidWorks(TM)  with current project. This addin showed as button with SprutCAM icon. SolidWorks(TM) must be restarted after this addin is install.


You can use <Addin for import SolidWorks(TM) project files ...> for import SolidWorks(TM) project files.

File extensions SLDASM, ASM, SLDPRT, PRT, SLDDRW, DRW, X_B, XMT_BIN, X_T, XMT_TXT, STP, STEP are supported.


Note:        You must have SolidWorks(TM) installed on your computer before setup this addin and use import.







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