Counter spindle machining

Counter spindle machines allow machining of parts in single fixing, reducing idle time and increasing machining precision. Also, counter spindle  presence eliminates need for locating tools. There are machining centers with two machining turrets in addition to counter spindle. These machines optimize idle time and virtually replace two machines.

SprutCAM can create NC-programs for counter spindle machining for both lathe and lathe-milling machining technologies.

For a more detailed explanation of SprutCAM approach to the counter spindle machining please take a look at the following sample project of shaft machining.

The machine is the <MaxTurn 65 with Counter Spindle>.



What is necessary to know before developing counter spindle machining process:

  1. Spindle in which the machining will start.
  2. Workpiece coordinate system (position in which the workpiece will be set). In the properties of this coordinate system specify it as <Machine coordinate system>, G54 for example. It is recommended to bind workpiece coordinate system to the non-fixed workpiece end.

Workpiece coordinate system and spindle where workpiece is fixed are specified on the <Setup> tab in the <Current workpiece holder>, <Workpiece setup> and <Workpiece CS> fields respectively.




After defining workpiece location the exposed part elements should be machined.




Please note:        To avoid mistaking active spindle in consequent operations specify <Frоm the previous operation> value for the <Current workpiece holder> field.

To refix workpiece from one spindle to another create takeover auxiliary operation and create new workpiece coordinate system, G55 for example.

After refixing create operations to machine the rest surfaces. Operations can be either lathe or lathe-milling.

In the operation immediately following takeover operation specify that machining is performed in another counterspindle. To do this specify the right cutter in the <Current tool holder> field, <2-Counter Spindle> in the <Current workpiece holder> field, and specify new coordinate system in the <Workpiece CS> field.




Specify the appropriate hand of tool in the toolholder parameters on the <Tool> page.




SprutCAM simulates both the machining operations and auxiliary operations so that user can control workpiece and machine movement and provide necessary modifications.