Object selection

All visible elements of the geometrical model can be easy selected from the graphical window. Any available for selection element will be highlighted when the mouse cursor is moved upon the element. The element selection is happened by the left mouse button click. At any moment one of folders of the geometrical model tree is active. When an geometrical object is selected then a parent folder of the object is set as the active folder automatically. It is possible to raise level of the active folder (to activate a parent folder of this one) by double-click of the left mouse button in the graphical window. So a navigation through the model tree can occur without an address to the window of the geometrical model structure.

All object modification operations are only performed on selected objects.

To select a part of the model or separate elements it is necessary to activate the group, which includes these geometrical objects, or groups. Then select the desired objects from the list of available objects in the graphic window. If selecting in the graphic window, the <Select> cursor f_clip0516 on the main panel must be switched on or [S] button on keyboard must be hold.

An element in the graphic window can be selected either by single left mouse clicking or by dragging a rectangular area. For selection using the rectangular area method, press the left mouse button, hold, and move the mouse. If selecting by clicking in the current view, there can be more than one object selected. The other method is to select the object in the list of available objects in the model structure window.

The normal selection method described above, allows users to define objects singly. To select multiple objects, press and hold the [Ctrl] key. Doing this the newly selected object will be selected but if an selected object is selected again then it becomes de-selected. Alternatively, by holding the [Shift] key, the selected object(s) will always be selected.

In order to select objects of one type, one should use the <Object selection filter>. With this, only the objects of the required type will be displayed in the model structure window and be selectable in the main graphic window.




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