Ideology of SprutCAM

SprutCAM ® is a system with high levels of automation and a multitude of advanced functions.

The machining process creation procedure consists of the following actions. At first, it is necessary to define a model of the produced part, an initial workpiece and fixtures. Next, it is need to create a machining sequence operation by operation. A technologist should define what and how musts be machined for every operation. Usually those are a portion of the produced part or the full part and general requirements for the machining process, such as the height of the scallop, maximum cut angle, approach methods etc. Then the system calculates the optimal toolpath according to the specified parameters. As default, every next operation uses the same part and fixtures as the previous operation but this one takes a material that remained after the previous operation machining as a workpiece. Therefore, the intermediate workpiece form is changing operation by operation from the initial workpiece to the produced part.

Actions sequence to obtain an NC program for a CNC machine is follow is following usually:

When creating a new machining operation the system automatically sets the default values for the entire set of operation parameters, taking into account the method of machining and geometrical parameters of the part. Thus, the toolpath is ready for calculation and it is not need to fill many parameters before. Modification of the order of the machining operations and editing their parameters is possible at any stage of the machining process designing.

SprutCAM always observes the rule: the part must never be "gouged" for any circumstances, whether it is a work pass, transition, approach, cut or drilling. That does not depend on the tool type, or on the type of machining or parameters entered. A technologist defines the machining method and the system generates an NC program that removes the workpiece material from outside of the part.

The interface of SprutCAM allows the customer to alter any parameter in any order that is they required. The "active graphics" in many of the dialogues are automatically updated when a customer selects different operations or parameters. This allows to significantly reducing the time needed to get to know the system and the time spent reading the documentation.

SPRUT-Technology is always looking at how to improve their software products to make them convenient to use and boost your profits. Therefore, our technical support department will gladly to answer for any your question and it will be grateful for your suggestions and wishes.