Objects definition in conversational mode

Definition of objects by the conversational method can be performed in the <debug window>.




To input a conversational definition the user should select the <editing mode> by pressing the f_clip0756 button in the <debug window>. In the editing mode, any alteration of the program text in the language of the geometrical processor is possible. This includes input of a new object definition into the program, modification of the order of elements construction, and editing and deletion of definitions.

If definition of a geometrical element is performed that use parameters of previously constructed objects, and these objects are subsequently modified, the selected element will be changed automatically. If the conversational definition does not comply with the language of the geometrical processor syntax, or construction of the object is impossible using the defined parameters, then the string with the incorrect definition will be marked by a red point in the area to the left of the string.




! A point defined in coordinate datum



! A line passing through the defined point at an angle of 30 degrees



! Another point



! Defining a new line



! A new point placed at the intersection of the previously defined lines





Most object definitions can be assigned interactively, which is normally more convenient. Nevertheless, definition of objects manually is advised when using specific assignment methods or when creating parametric models. The main feature of the conversational element creation method is the ability to use functions and variables when assigning values to numeric parameters.




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