Main panel

Main panel contain four tabs.


  • <Project>



  • f_clip0617 – closes the current project and initiates the system state anew. Deletes the current geometrical model and machining processes. Frees a part of the occupied computer memory.
  • f_clip0618 – loads an existing project from file. The bottom part of the button allow select one of the early opened project.
  • f_clip0619 – saves project under the current name. If the project has not been saved before, a new name will be requested.
  • f_clip0620 – saves project under a new name. It is possible to choose the save mode (short, middle or detailed) in the save dialog window. A size of the project file will be bigger if the saved information is more detailed. Source data only (geometrical model, coordinate systems, operations and their parameters) is saved for the short mode. Any information which can be calculated is not saved for the mode. A tool path of operations is saved in addition to the foregoing data for the middle mode but intermediate workpiece states are saved too for the detailed mode.
  • f_clip0621import model from external file. The bottom part of the button allow select one of the early opened models.
  • f_clip0622 Activate last selected export mode. Export type can be selected from the drop down menu.:
  • <Export / Export 3D Model...> – opens a window to export 3D model to one of a external format.
  • <Export / Export simulation result...> – opens a window to export simulation result to STL format.
  • <Export / Export drill points...> – opens a window to export drill points of current technology operation to DXF-file.


  • <Control>




On this page is placed main control elements.


  • <Utilities>




  • f_clip0627 – opens the system setting window.
  • f_clip0628 – load system settings from file.
  • f_clip0629 – save system settings to new file.
  • f_clip0630 – opens the external applications window.
  • f_clip0631 – shows a window to configure the panel of external applications.
  • f_clip0632 – runs Scripts IDE.
  • f_clip0633 – runs calculator.
  • f_clip0634 – runs the application to generate postprocessor tuning files.


  • <Help>




  • f_clip0636 – shows SprutCAM help.
  • f_clip0637 – shows contents of the help.
  • f_clip0638 – runs SprutCAM tutorial.
  • f_clip0639 – opens the forum WEB-page about SprutCAM.
  • f_clip0640 – prepare a message to the technical support service of SPRUT Technology, e-mail:
  • f_clip0641 – loads WEB-page about SprutCAM. The web address is
  • f_clip0642 – loads WEB-page of SPRUT Technology Ldt. The web address is
  • f_clip0643 – opens license manager for managing current license.
  • f_clip0644 – opens the ordering window.
  • f_clip0645 – enter registration code to switch in commercial version.
  • f_clip0646 – loads WEB-page with latest news about SprutCAM and SPRUT Technology.
  • f_clip0647 – checks for updates in internet.
  • f_clip0648 – information on SprutCAM ®.




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