Chamfer and rounding

Functions of the rounding and chamfer construction are aimed for fast forming of the rounding or chamfer in the place of two elements mating. The action can be processed with surplus parts trimming and without it. Following buttons activate the function:

  • f_clip0723 – <Chamfer with trimming>;
  • f_clip0724 – <Chamfer without trimming>;
  • f_clip0725 – <Rounding with trimming>;
  • f_clip0726 – <Rounding without trimming>;

Next it is necessary to select the first and second elements by mouse in the graphical window. After that the rounding radius or chamfer size must be defined in the <R> field. If there are several construction variants for the parameters then one should select by mouse an appropriate reading from proposed ones.






<Chamfer with trimming>:




<Chamfer without trimming>:




<Rounding with trimming>:




<Rounding without trimming>:






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