<Points input> tab

For constructing the contour on the list of points press <Profile by function> f_clip0733 button and in opened window choose the <Points input> tab.

Points coordinates given by user in table on left side of the window.




The points coordinates can be defined for the <Cartesian> or <Polar> coordinate system. The coordinates can be set in <Absolute> or <Incremental> values. If the coordinate values are incremental then coordinates of every point are addition values relative the previous point.

If the <Contour definition> option is switched on then a contour is constructed as the function result but the result is a point set otherwise.

The points can be saved into the text file and they can be loaded to system. There is some buttons to work with files:

  • <New> – clear the table from previous points list;
  • <Load> – opens file dialogue to load points list;
  • <Save> – opens file dialogue to save points list.




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