Constructing a sine wave profile (or a sinusoid)

Click <Profile by function> f_clip0733 button and select the <Functions> tab on the opened window.

Let us see an example of construction of sine wave profile with the amplitude equal to 40 mm and period equal to 100 mm.




It is known, that period of Y=Sin(X) function is equal to 180 degrees, where the length of the period is equal to 100 mm. Find the scale coefficient for the argument {t}:




Set the function expression X:




In the expression




40 – is the amplitude of the sinusoid, 2 – total number of semi periods of the sinusoid on the 100 mm section. On the sinusoid it is possible to select any section, using the <Argument range>. Note that the range is assigned in degrees.




In case <Argument range> set from 0 to 180 degrees, after setting <Contour definition> on, pressing <Calculate> button and closing window we are get sinusoid like this:




Let us see another example; below is a drawing of a contour, which contains a section that is represents by a part of a sinusoid.




Required parameters of the sinusoid:

  • Period length – 110 mm
  • Amplitude – 25 mm


Require argument coefficient X{t}:




From the drawing we define the offset coefficient:


X{t}: 70+55/2=97.5

Y{t}: 30+50/2=55


It is necessary to put the obtained values into the corresponding fields of the parameters window. Calculate and as a result, the required profile is obtained. Construct straight lines on the ends of the sinusoid and in the editing mode join the resulting three contours into a single one.

Move to <Machining> mode and select the <2D contouring> operation and having assigned the required machining parameters, we can create the tool path. In the <Simulation> mode, the user will obtain the following machining result:






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