Example of constructing an Archimedes spiral based profile

Click <Profile by function> f_clip0733 button and select the <Spiral of Archimedes> page on the opened window.

To construct an Archimedes spiral it is necessary to assign several parameters: the <Central point>, the <Starting point>, the <Finishing point> of the spiral, <Number of spiral loops> and <Deviation from ideal contour>.




Let us see an example of profile construction, one section of which is an Archimedes spiral.




In the picture there is a drawing of the profile cam. The section between points P2 and P3 is an Archimedes spiral, where P2 – is the starting point of the spiral, P3 – final, P1 – the spiral center. These points coordinates were calculated by the designer using the rules of the cam required by the control mechanism.




In the parameters assignment window enter the values as shown in the window. In the SprutCAM graphic window there will be a display of the required spiral section. Next, construct the missing parts of the right hand side of the symmetrical cam. Using the construction method for symmetrical profiles, finish the construction of the left part of the cam and join all the areas into a single profile. Move to <Machining> mode and select the <2D contouring> operation and enter the required machining parameters, create the tool path. In the <Simulation> mode, the user will obtain the following machining result:






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