Constructing ellipse based profile

Let us see an example of profile construction that contains ellipse elements.




Ellipse equations in the parametric form:


X{t}= a*sin{t}

Y{t}= b*cos{t}


where a and b are the scale coefficients along the X and Y axes (major & minor axes).


According to the drawing:


a = 30

b = 20


Argument ranges for the ellipse quarters:


Right top angle: 0-90 degrees

Left top angle: 270-360 degrees

Left bottom angle: 180-270 degrees

Right bottom angle: 90-180 degrees


Ellipse center offset along X and Y axes:


Right top angle: +70 +40

Left top angle: -70 +40

Left bottom angle: -70 -40

Right bottom angle: +70 -40




In the parameters assignment window, in the corresponding fields there are parameter values for creation of an ellipse quarter, which is located in the right top corner of the profile. Complete the construction of the ellipses in the other corners of the figure. Next, construct profiles by using the two extreme points of the ellipses and join the 8 resulting profiles.




Move to <Machining> mode and select the <2D contouring> operation and having assigned the required machining parameters, we can create the tool path. In the <Simulation> mode, the user will obtain the following machining result:






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