Coordinate system

It is possible to create any number of local coordinate systems (CS) to make the machining process generation more convenient. The coordinate system can be assigned as a parameter for any machining operation. All geometrical parameters of the operation must be assigned relative to the defined coordinate systems. The operation toolpath will be calculated for the same coordinate systems.


<Coordinate systems management panel> is shown below:




  • The <Active coordinate system> parameters are used to display the model. All newly created operations, by default use the currently active coordinate systems.
  • f_clip0545 <Create coordinate system> – activates last selected method of creation coordinate system. The icon is depended on current method. To choose method use menu of creation methods.
  • f_clip0546 <Active coordinate system properties> – opens the parameters window for the active coordinate system.
  • f_clip0547 <Delete active coordinate system> – remove the active coordinate system. All listed coordinate systems below this will rise by one level up. The global coordinate system cannot be deleted.




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