Edit mode

Edit mode is enabled by pressing the f_clip0785 button in the <Debugger> window.

Selection of an object using the left mouse button in the graphic view will enable the editing of its definition in the debug panel. Selection of a definition can also be performed directly from the debug panel.

There are several variations of how to edit the definition of an object.

The conversational definition of an object can be edited directly in the debug panel by selecting the required string by left mouse clicking on it. To identify which string relates to the required object, move the mouse over the object in the graphic area, and the corresponding string will have a marker next to it. Alteration of the defining text will lead to immediate reconstruction of any objects connected to the one being edited. Deletion or creation of new definitions in the geometrical processor language is possible.

Editing of one or all parameters of a 2D object is also possible by defining the type (or types) of the parameter to be edited (<X>, <Y>, <R>, <A>, <M> – respectively for coordinate X, coordinate Y, radius, angle or distance) by pressing the corresponding buttons on the parameter value panel. When selected, its value from the current string will be placed into the parameter value panel. The value in this field can be edited using the keyboard. When edited, the definition string for the selected object will be updated, and all other objects that use this objects definition will also be updated. All modifications will be displayed in the graphic view.




Editing of one or more parameters for an object can also be performed interactively by selecting the parameter buttons in the Parameter value panel required for modification (<X>, <Y>, <R>, <A>, <M>), and in the graphic view click the left mouse button on the object and holding it pressed drag the object (modify it). All changes will simultaneously occur in the graphic view, the definitions text and the parameter value panel. All objects that have definitions referring to the object that is being changed will also be updated.




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