Layers management

Geometrical objects can belong to different layers. One layer only can be active for some interim. All geometrical constructions are produced in the active layer but geometrical objects from other layers are available as a data source for the construction. The active layer is marked by the sign in the layers list.

The layers list is on the <Layers> tab.




Points on the top panel of the page manage layers from the list.

  • f_clip0790 – <New layer>. The new layer has name "LayerX" (where X – layer index), but the layers name can be changed.
  • f_clip0791 – <Move to active layer>. When the button is pressed then any object moves into the active layer by the mouse click on the object.
  • f_clip0792 – <Move up>. The selected layer moved upwards for one position.
  • f_clip0793 – <Move down>. The selected layer moved downwards for one position.
  • f_clip0794 – <Erase layer>. Deletes the selected layer.

A layer which is available for editing is marked by the image364 icon but by the image365 icon otherwise. A mouse click on the icon changes the available state.

The image366 and image367 icons indicate the layer visibility (correspondingly visible and invisible). The visibility can be changed by the mouse click on the icon.

The colored image368 icon indicates a drawing color for all objects of the layer. A mouse click on the icon opens a color dialog to change the layer color.


There is <Hidden layer> exists also. In this one constructed points, lines and circles. Deleted objects will be removed to hidden layer too. To make this layer visible press f_clip0718 button or press key [CTRL].




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