Generating tools list

SprutCAM generates the tools list. This document contains the information for the machinist to machine the part. The tools list can be edited by the text editor and printed. The document is saved in the HTML format. The way to generate the tools list is defined in the setup window.

The tools list document has the next structure:

  1. The drafts of the tool path the and model with the dimensions to set up the workpiece;
  2. The operations list. Every operation has the own machining time and the total time is printed. The enabled and calculated operations only appear in the tools list;
  3. The table of the used tools;
  4. The table of the holes coordinates for the pre-drilling for the tool plunge.

Press the f_clip0811 button from the machining bookmark to open the <Tool list> generation window.




The next panel defines the drafts quantity and disposition:




The draft can contain the workpiece, source model, tool path, origin, axes and dimensions. These objects appear if press the corresponding buttons in panel:




SprutCAM automatically chooses the view and creates the dimensions. The dimensions can be shown in the top, bottom, left, right, front and back views only. Three distances to the origin and three overall dimensions are shown.


Dimensions example:




Fill the fields and click f_clip0812 to create the tools list. The editor to show the document is defined in the setup window.

If document will be used later it must be saved.

Use f_clip0813 to close the dialog.

Example of result document show below:






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