Standard machining sequences

In practice to manufacture similar parts often the same approaches are used. For example, the machining sequence for a typical die can consist of three operations:

  • Roughing waterline;
  • Complex finishing;
  • Complex rest milling.

If a large amount of operations parameters, such as used tools, stocks, steps, etc are the same for several parts then creating a standard machining sequence makes some sense. For that SprutCAM offers capabilities to import and export a whole machining sequence as well as a distinct operation. The access to these functions is provided via the operations shortcut menu:

The <Export operation> command saves all the parameters of the selected operation into the specified file with the *.sto extension.

The <Import parameters> command fills the parameters of the selected operation with the values previously saved in the *.sto file.

The <Import operation> command adds to the machining sequence one or more operations either from the SprutCAM operation file (*.sto) or from the any given SprutCAM project file (*.stc).




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