Types of machining operations

A machining process is represented in the system as an ordered sequence of machining operations. The machining process may contain an arbitrary number of operations of different types. Every operation, depending on its type, has a set of rules for toolpath creation, which is characterized by their individual parameters. The number of available operation types depends on the configuration of SprutCAM being used.

Operations are basically divided into roughing and finishing. The <Roughing operations> provide removal of the workpiece material, which lies outside of the model being machined. Normally, the roughing operations are used for preliminary removal of stock material, where the shape and dimensions of the model being machined are quite different to the shape and dimensions of the workpiece. The finishing operations perform machining of the model's surfaces only, without area clearance. The <Finishing operations> are normally used for the final cutting of the model surface after previous machining, and without it, if the final model does not differ much from the workpiece or if the workpiece is made of soft material.

In the new operation creation window, machining of residual material is a separate group. This has been done for convenience only. Using the normal roughing or finishing operations with appropriate parameters set, it is possible to generate rest-machining toolpaths. The roughing operations in remachining perform stock removal of residual material, and the finishing ones, machine the model surface only in un-machined areas. Rest milling operations allow the user to optimize machining of complex details. They are best used with roughing or finishing rest milling using a tool with a different shape or a smaller diameter than the tool from the previous operations. The spatial transformation operation (offset toolpath) is also included into the rest milling operations group.

Depending on the type of machining, operations can be divided into milling and turning.




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