Creation of the coordinate system by the origin point and two leading vectors

Creation of new coordinate system activated by pressing the f_clip0548 button on coordinate systems panel or by choosing of corresponding item in <Selection of a coordinate system creation method> menu.

The new coordinate system is defined by the origin point and two leading vectors X and Y. When creating the coordinate system by this method, first the Zero point must be assigned by moving the cursor on the graphic window to the desired point and if it is a valid point to be used as the origin of the coordinate system, then it will be highlighted. The selection is confirmed by left clicking on it:




After that the direction of the X-axis must be specified by choosing a point on the screen through which the X-axis will pass, and left clicking the mouse:




And then repeating for the Y-axis:




After that the newly created coordinate system becomes active:




At a later time name of the coordinate system, its colour and original point can be changed.




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