Lathe facing operation



The operation is designed to machine the uneven end of part. The operation removes the workpiece volume that is located out of part and out of fixtures. The material is removed by the vertical tool motions stroke by stroke.

The step value (the stroke thickness) can be constant or calculated depending on the parameters. The motion can be performed either to the revolution axis or from the axis. If the tool is for the external machining then direction to the axis must be used. Internal (bore) tool must be used with the out of axis direction. In this case the workpiece must have the central hole for the tool engage.

The operation strategy allows to:

The engage and retract type can be set to the next positions:

  • At angle;
  • Radial;
  • Axial;

The optimal type of the <Approach> and <Return> is selected depends on the operation parameters.




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