Lathe part-off operation



The lathe part-off operation is final operation in the revolutions part machining. It is designed to disjoint the ready machined part from the workpiece and shape the back side of a part.

The Job assignment for the operation is a Z coordinate. This coordinate can be assigned as a perpendicular to the revolution planes axis. There is the possibility to set a few planes in one operation.

The tool path guarantees the tool motion in touch with the plane from the top workpiece point to the bottom ones. <The disposition> of the part end and the tool depends on the current spindle location that is defined by <Spindle left/right> on the Tool page.




Except the simple cut of there is the possibility to create the chamfer or rounding on the external diameter of the part. Use the chamfer field to select the chamfer shape.

Where is the special strategy for the chip breaking. This mode allows to set the peck length or the peck count. The delay panel give the possibility to set the pause in the end of the pecks. The pause time can be assigned in seconds or in revolutions.

The approach, engage, retract and return methods can be assigned on the Approaches/returns page of the parameters window.




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