Tools library editor

The tools library editor allow create new tools libraries and edit exist libraries.

Press <Work with tools library> button for start tools library editor.




Widnow is divide by thee part. The window control buttons is placed on the tools panel at the top. At the left part is place list of all opened tools libraries and its sections. At the right part of the window is show the selected section parameters.


Tools panel buttons:




  • – Create new tools library;
  • – Open exist tools library;
  • – Save current tools library;
  • – Switch to table view;
  • – Switch to window view;
  • – Add item to the selected section;
  • – Delete item from the selecte section;
  • – Apply changes;
  • – Undo last changes.


For the each library is show all possible section even empty. Empty sections is ignored and not save to the libraries.

Library section list:

  • <Header> – information about library and its properties;
  • <Inserts> – turn insert geometry and technological parameters description;
  • <Holders> – turn holder geometry description;
  • <Turn tools> – turn tools parameters decription;
  • <Mill tools> – mill tools parameters description;
  • <Materials> – tool material and workpiece material parameters description;
  • <Threads> – thread parameters description;
  • <Adapters> – adapters and mill holders parameters description;
  • <Codificators> – content tables of compatibility of turn inserts and holders.


Sections of the inserts, holder, tools and materials can be show as window view (default) and as table view.

The window view allow to fill items parameters more easy.




In this mode is show parameters which consern to the selected item only.

The table view it is necessary use for the compare several items parameters and for the fill parameters which is not visible in the window view.




In the table view is avaible coping items between libraries (Drag&Drop). For it select exsist item(insert,holder,tool etc.) press left mouse button, move it to header of the other library and release mouse buttom.




If item can be added to the library then cursor will be changed and items will be copy to the selected library.




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