Lathe tool

The tools used in turning operations can be divided into two categories: the lathe tools and the axial tools. Each category in turn can be divided into groups regard to the operations they use.


Lathe tools:

  • Bore tools;
  • Straight turn tools;
  • External threading tools;
  • Internal threading tools;
  • External grooving tools;
  • Internal grooving tools;
  • Face grooving tools.


Axial turn tools:

  • End mills;
  • Drills;
  • Center drills;
  • Taps;
  • Counterbores;
  • Countersinks.


A tool consists of two parts: an insert and a holder, which should strictly correspond to each other. Optionally it is possible to set a freeform holder for an insert. To do that one need select the holder type. This holder type can be combined with any insert type of the given group. With a insert only a holder can be used however.

In addition to the geometrical parameters of a tool it is possible to define:

  • the spindle position (left or right);
  • the spindle rotation direction (clockwise or counterclockwise);
  • the position of the tool tuning point;
  • the tool orientation (radial, axial or at the specified angle);
  • the support position (upper or lower).




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