Work modes

The main panel tab sheets are for the current work mode management.

In the user can: import geometrical data (CAD) files, modify (cut, delete etc.) the structure of a geometrical model, spatially transform (move, rotate etc.) objects, generate new elements (copy) from the existing ones, and manage the object's visual properties.

The built-in allows the user to create two-dimensional geometrical objects in arbitrary planes. The environment has powerful tools to construct parameterized geometrical models and the possibility to link them to the coordinates of a 3D model. The constructed 2D contours and points can be used when assigning parameters for subsequent machining operations.

In the mode, the user creates the machining processes, selecting from a list of machining operations of different types. Here also, the fine-tuning of all the machining operations parameters and the calculation of the tool movement toolpath can be performed. From this tab also, you can access the machining simulation subsystem to visualize the obtained toolpath; and the postprocessor, to generate NC programs.

In the mode user has access to integrated machining simulation tools that allow the user to control dynamically the visualization parameters.




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