The objects that are displayed in the graphical view can be printed with the high resolution and in the required scale. The printing quality is defined by the printer setup. The set of the objects, view, scale and other are defined in the print dialog.




  • clip0012 – Standard views shows the picture in the active coordinate system
  • image005 – Changes the active coordinate system.
  • image007 – Defines the picture scale;
  • image009 – Makes the same actions like in the main window;
  • image011visibility control panel.
  • image013 – main settings panel;


Special control button is show below:

  • image015 – On/off border around paper;
  • image017 – print panel;
  • image019 – panel of additional objects;


Note:        The printing needs some time for the picture generation. The printing time depends on the quality and model complexity.




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