<Colors> tab



In the <Color scheme> field it is possible to select one of the established color schemes. By pressing the more_3points button it is possible to return values of colors to the schemes, installed by default, or, if the color scheme <Another> is selected to load in this scheme of a value of one of other color schemes.

Under the color scheme, as tree-like structure, values of color of a separate element are shown. These elements are broken on groups: <Graphic window>, <Coordinate system>, <Model>, <2D Geometry>, <Machining>. Having opened the necessary group, it is possible to edit values of color of any element of group. Color of a flowing element is assigned in a field <Color> by a choice of the necessary value from the falling out list. In a field <Mode> is established a condition of a featuring of an element: with a shade or wire. Migration of a slider <Transparence> it is possible to install a transparency of a flowing element.

There is can be selected background of graphic window:

  • <Plain> – permanent background. Colour is assigned in <Graphic window> –> <First background color>.
  • <Gradient> – gradient drawing of a graphic window. Colors of a drawing are assigned in group <Graphic window>: <First background color> and <Second background color>. In a field <Gradient angle> it is possible to set a gradient angle. The angle is set concerning a vertical axis.
  • <Image file> – using graphic image as wallpaper. Available formats is <BMP> and <JPEG>.

<Lighting> is enable additional light source.




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