Postprocessor tuning files

Postprocessor tuning files to specific CNC system have the SPPX (*.sppx) extension. There is a unique tuning file for each CNC system. Tuning file contains all data regarding the CNC unit and subprograms of machining programs processing. The file is required by the postprocessor for transformation of machining commands into an NC program for this control. The files are used by the postprocessor but they are created and altered by <Postprocessors Generator>.

Postprocessor files to version SprutCAM 8.1 have the extension *.spp. These postprocessors are supported by the current version of the system and, if necessary, can be converted to *.sppx format.

Earlier versions of SprutCAM work with postprocessors which are designed in two linked files with identical name but different extension (*.inp, *.ppp). All existing ppp-files can be used to generate NC-programs by the current version. But if the postprocessor musts be edited then the associated inp-file is necessary. The pair files can be opened by the <Postprocessors Generator> and converted into the new sppx-format. The converted file can be modified by the same application.

Editable text versions of the postprocessor for a CNC system have the same name as the corresponding postprocessor tuning file with an INP (*.inp) extension. The file contains the original texts/subprograms for the machining commands processing, and is used for making changes and generation of postprocessor tuning files. They are created and used by the <Postprocessors generator>.

A postprocessor library (*.spl) can include several postprocessors. The postprocessor library can not be edited.