Smart LCS creation

In SprutCAM you can easily create a <Local Coordinate System> you wish with approximately two mouse clicks. It is very straightforward.


  1. At first you select in the graphic view a design feature which defines the location of the new coordinate system. You can select any entity that has an origin or an axis or both. E.g. a circular arc, a line, a revolution surface, a plane define both the origin and the axis. A point defines only the origin, while a vertex of a solid model defines both the origin, the Z axis taken from the neighboring surface, as well the X axis direction taken from the neighboring edge. A straight edge of a solid model defines the origin that is placed in the middle of the edge, the Z axis direction taken from the neighboring surface and the X axis direction taken from the edge itself.




  1. As no geometry entity defines a local coordinate system completely SprutCAM should decide how to select the missing parameters e.g. the Z or X axis direction of the new LCS. And you can easily tell SprutCAM your wishes. Just rotate the view with mouse in such a way that SprutCAM could select the missing parameters of the new LCS based on the orientation of the view, just as you do when you orient the view using smart middle mouse click.




  1. The last step is simple click on the f_clip0545 button.




Examples of Smart LCS creation.

  • LCS by a solid vertex:




  • LCS by a solid straight edge:




  • LCS by a solid circular edge:




  • LCS in the center of a planar face with an inversed Z axis direction:




  • A XOY LCS in the center of a flat face:




  • A XOY LCS in the center of a flat face with an inversed X axis direction:






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