Section <Adapters>

The section allow define lathe tool adapters and the milling holders.

The window common view is show below:




For change items type (<Adapter>, <Holder>) it is necessary use <Group> field.


Holder parameters:

  • <Name> – Holder description;
  • <Comments> – Custom additional comment;
  • <Holder> – Geometrical holder description.

It is necessary use <...> button for the open holder geometrical parameters description window. The parameters is descripted by set of codes and cylinders.

At the first is enter diameter elements, at the second its length.



  1. The cone part definition
  • Diameter at the begin 10;
  • Diameter at the end 5;
  • Length 7;

The window view:




Result holder description: 10:7:4:0


  1. Drop diameters definition
  • Diameter at the begin 10;
  • Diameter at the drop 8;
  • Length after drop 6;
  • Length 7;


The window view:




Result holder description: 10:0:10:7:8:0:8:6;


In the graphical view is shown forming holder that allow to control the parameter filling error.

Turn adapters parameters:

  • <Name> – Adapter description;
  • <Comment> – Custom additional comment;
  • <Length> – Adapter length.

The adapters geometry for the operation calculation is not account (except length).




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