Creating shaped tools

Use shaped tool to perform form machining.

To support this type of machining SprutCAM implements shaped tool definition using contour (shape).

For milling tools the tool contour must be specified as generating line. It's accesable in the <2D contouring>, <3D contouring> and <5D contouring> operations.

To create a shaped tool perform following steps:

Switch to <2D Geometry> and draw the shape (profile) of the tool. The contour can be parametrized if necessary.

Define non-cutting part of the tool in a different layer.




Also you can import the tool profile from 3D model.


When you have finished drawing the contour select it in the geometry window and save it by pressing the <Save geometry as form tool> button on the 2D geometry panel:




Note:        If no line is selected all 2D geometry is saved as a tool shape.

All tool shape files are saved in the "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sprut Technology\SprutCAM\Version 9\Tools" folder.


In the apperaing dialog specify shape's type, it's name and tool scheme for which it was set (optional):




In the left part of the window there is shape type filter and the list of previously created shapes. If necessary you can rename or delete previous shapes.

<Save contour as single file> – check this option to save shape geometry separately from it's description.

In the next <Geometrical parameters> dialog specify contour file name. Later you can load the contour to edit it.

Finally, specify the created contour for the tool in the operation properties dialog:




It is important to remember that than tools library is copied contour files are not copied along. So to copy tools library to another computer you need to copy the contour files manually.